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The People You Meet At Starbucks-1

on 8 February 2010

This is the first post in a series I’ve been working on for some time. We meet so many different types of customers, making each order a new adventure. However, many customer “types” share similar characteristics, so I thought that it would be fun to clue you all in about what I see as “typical” behaviours in certain customers. So, here we go with the first installment- check in Saturday for the next edition!

Office Drone (Mark 1)
This specimen is a Starbucks junkie in their own right. All it takes is for the boss to glance sideways at a coffee mug and this assistant is gathering crumpled $20 bills and credit cards from everyone in sight and half listening to orders. Since this is a paid break, the drone is in no hurry to return to the office. Good thing too, because half listening to orders makes for a confusing time at the register.

They consult their hastily scribbled notes to discover that the “shorthand” they used to save time didn’t really help them at all. Was that “chocolate” Frappuccino the one with coffee or without? What size was that 5 shot cinnamon dolce latte supposed to be again? But never fear- this drone is not worried about making mistakes. Life is what it is; besides, they brought in their own special to-go tumbler with their order pre-written on the side. At least one drink will be right!

One response to “The People You Meet At Starbucks-1

  1. Interesting. Thank you for that, but you deserve more thanks than that. I suffer from color blindness (tritanopia to be exact). I mainly use Konqueror browser (no idea if that is important), and a large number of websites are difficult to read due to a careless choice of colors employed ithe design. On your site, as the selection of colors is fine, the design is quite tidy and comfortable to understand. I am not sure if this was a deliberate and kind act, or simply a fortunate event, but just the same, thanks.

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