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Things We Haz

on 23 January 2010

I don’t have much energy to write tonight- having spent the last 20 hours working on a university project, I’m pretty wiped out. However, one of my resolutions was to not miss a Starbucks Saturday post, and I don’t want to slip in January!

I love when we get to do silly things at work. Passion tea, for instance, gives us several opportunities to crack each other up. I heard about some partners this summer who offered to pair the passion tea with the “luscious lemon tart”. I don’t know who names our pastries, but that name was a doozie and the passion tea suggestion only made it more ridiculous. “Cheery Cherry Pie” was cute and clever though (not to mention delicious!).

Thursday I opened a new bag of passion tea, and had half the bag left over. I folded it over, labeled it properly with “Passion”, and then wrote beneath that “we haz it!”. That made one of my coworkers crack up, as did writing “I haz a cut” on a leaking jug of milk.

If you don’t get those references, then you have to visit this site. Warning: time waster!

On a related note, cleaning up the bottom of an industrial fridge after three cracked jugs of milk have dripped all day and half the night is not fun. Nor is dealing with frozen milk- it doesn’t foam well. I tried explaining this to the man whose cappuccino I had to make over (not enough foam in it), but I don’t think he believed me. I’m not a bad drink maker, it’s just the product giving us a hard time.

Our Christmas party is this weekend though, and I think that we’re going to have a ton of fun outside of the store. I can’t wait!


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