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on 16 January 2010

On Tuesday, Starbucks rolled out a bunch of new teas and new healthy food. This was my first time working a rollout day, and I noticed some interesting things.

We do sometimes get send foods in advance to test out so we can tell our customers about them. However, we are not sent everything. Sometimes, we don’t even get the food for the customers to buy on rollout day. Here we are with this huge poster of our new sandwiches, and the warehouse forgot to bring us our order. Really, they did. It was a little embarrassing to tell customers “no, we don’t have the new food. No, it didn’t sell out by 8 am, we never got in the shipment. No, there was nothing we could do to prevent this from happening.” The day was sporting in that respect!

Here’s a good one- did you know that the new tea sachets are made of nylon? Neither did I, but when a customer asked the question of us, I spent 20 minutes on the phone with Tazo tracking down the answer. The Tazo people are really nice though, so if you ever have tea questions don’t hesitate to call the number on the back of your box.

Rooibos is the most difficult tea name for customers to pronounce. We get “roo-i-bos”, “roo-bos”, “roo-boss”, and a plethora of other variations. I don’t blame them- it’s a confusing little word. For what it’s worth, the proper pronunciation is “roy-bus”. Yup, roy-bus. I told you I don’t blame people who can’t get it on their own!

Lucy’s cookies, though in Starbucks across the nation, are from right here in Hampton Roads. Check out the Virginian-Pilot article here. I love cool stories like this- and yes, the cookies are super yummy! We can be proud to call this a local company.

I, personally, am addicted to the glazed cashews with pomegranate and vanilla- and I don’t even like cashews that much. They are just the right blend of sweet and salty, with a little bit of sticky thrown in. By the end of the first day I got a few customers as hooked on them as I am!

The new rewards program is still confusing, but 13 more stars and I’m at the gold level. For what it’s worth, the little cup with the stars on “your Starbucks account” is as addictive to click on as that Poke the Penguin game. The stars just keep jumping around, but they are so cute! I also just got a coupon for a free oatmeal, which will be nice during my morning shift next week.

I know this is a bit of a random post today but it was a random Starbucks week, so it all works out in the end. Have a good week, and happy coffee and tea drinking!


2 responses to “Rollout

  1. Yoda Smith says:

    i have heard amazing things about rooibos herbal tea, and wouldn’t you know, I haven’t even used my couple packets of Wisdom of the Ancients rooibos tea!

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