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Still Here

on 17 December 2009

For those of you who have expressed concern that I fell into a caffeine-induced stupor and checked out of daily life, never fear! I’m still around.

It’s finals week for me, and perhaps the most difficult one of my college experience. I’m probably still worn out from last quarter’s intensity because I’ve not been able to get a grip on anything. Anyhoo…

How about some random thoughts to make up for my silence?

1. Driving through a construction zone with orange cones on either side of the car throws me emotionally right back to my Mario Kart days. This is not a good thing. I’m the kind of virtual driver who once she figures out which portion of the screen belongs to her spends the entire race trying simply to go the correct direction and not veer off the road. Driving through the construction zone today with the road zigging and zagging like the road to Hana brought back a flash of those Mario-induced panic attacks. Maybe I should slow down on that road until they finish the renovations sometime in 2042.

2. Did you know that green tea gives more of a caffeine jolt per cup than coffee? Iced Zen Green Tea Lemonade from Starbucks makes pulling an all-nighter so easy! The combination of caffeine and sugar is perfect. I didn’t even notice that I had made it to 7 am this morning until I submitted my paper and saw the time stamp. Thanks, Sbux!

3. Today is my parent’s 37th anniversary, which I think is absolutely mind-bogglingly, amazingly, fantastically cool. Happiest of Anniversaries, Mum and Dad, and many more to come!

That, I think, will do for now. Two more tests to go- then get the party started!


One response to “Still Here

  1. mum says:

    Thanks, Honey, for the sweet wishes. God has blessed us beyond measure with each other and kids like you, and most of all, His Presence in our lives.

    Love you toooooo much!

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