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What to do at one in the morning…

on 9 December 2009

…when all you want are eggs over easy but you don’t want to wake the family with the noise and smell:

Look in the fridge.

Open all opaque containers to verify contents.

Avoid eye contact with the egg carton.

Read all the yogurt labels.

Browse pantry.

Consider eating corn chips.

Regain sensibility and abandon corn chips.

Resume fridge raid.

Spot milk.

Spot cheese.

Ponder why milk and cheese, which come from cows, are considered dairy along with eggs, which obviously come from chickens.

Locate crackers for cheese.

Ponder cracker selection- butter, wheat, or sesame?

Decide on sesame.

Hum the theme song from Sesame Street (old school style, not this jazzy new thing they call a theme song).

Settle at table with milk, cheese, crackers, and book.

Remind self as to why food mysteries are a bad idea after midnight!


One response to “What to do at one in the morning…

  1. mum says:

    Thought I smelled crackers early this morning…..

    Get some sleep!!!

    Love you tooooo much!

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