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Holiday Brain

on 5 December 2009

Oh yes, the holidays are officially here! And the craziness that accompanies being in retail.

I have plenty of customer horror stories, but I don’t want to bring the blog down. When I can think of a funny, non-ranty way to share them, I will. So instead, how about a tiny peek at what is going on behind the counter (and in our heads)?

We are running so many specials at work this month that my poor little brain can’t keep up. For one, when you make a $15 purchase, you receive a free (RED) cd. For being a nationwide event, nothing pops up on the point of sale (‘register’ in fancy terms) to remind us.

Insert chaos and confusion. (Oh, I had a $15 purchase; do I get a cd? Is this cd for sale? Can I just take one?) I would also forget to tell people that were a few cents shy that one more little purchase would earn them the cd. Something had to be done.

In the interest of reminding myself, last week I put a little post-it note on my POS right by where I look at the total. It reads:

$15+   = CD!!!!

I fully expected my coworkers to laugh at me, and pull it down even before my shift ended.

They didn’t laugh. They loved it! A week later, it’s still there- untorn, unmarked, unmoved. I guess I wasn’t the only one having difficulties with the memory! :)


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