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The Write Motivation

on 30 November 2009

Moment of truth; my brain is still fried, and I have a paper and a test to finish by midnight. Spell this: R-E-P-O-S-T!  I originally wrote this for my English Club’s blog (see sidebar for link), and it holds massively true today. In fact, I think that I was in week five or six of last session when I wrote it (it’s week six of this session). So, enjoy!

I’ll be honest here- I don’t always like to write. Correction: I don’t always like to write what I am assigned. Take now for instance. I have six major writing assignments due in the next three weeks (in addition to the little writing assignments), and I’m sitting in the library all ready to do research for them, yet I’m writing this post instead.

Shocking, I know.

I mean, what normal student would rather write a personal, conversational, no-rules-or-minimum-word-count blog post instead of scholarly research projects? Rest assured; I am being sarcastic here. Please don’t get me wrong, I love writing for school. Little feels more satisfying to me then looking at a well-completed paper neatly typed, printed, and stapled for handing in. However, my motivation is lacking at this moment.

So, I turn to my secret weapon, the one thing (the only thing) I have found to help me over this lethargy. It is a quote I found by the author Barbra Kingsolver: “There is no perfect time to write, there’s only now.” If that doesn’t snap you into action, nothing will. Tomorrow is not the right time to do my bibliography, now is. The weekend is not the time to catch up on my notes, now is. Next week is not the perfect time to write my introduction, now is.

Does this mean I will stop periodically checking my various message centers to see if there’s anyone who needs me, in hopes of getting a moment or two of a brain break? By no means. Does this mean that I’m going to stop writing this post now? ….apparently…


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