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It’s the end of the world as we know it…. and I’m not feeling so fine.

on 18 November 2009

This is just because it’s going through my head, which means it must now go through yours as well! Click at your own risk….

For the past year I’ve been studying Revelation in my Precepts class. It’s a dense book, and we still are several months away from being anywhere near finished. Of course, it’s opened up all sorts of debatable subjects and revealed quite a few of the presuppositions we all hold (I mean, is the great city Babylon, Jerusalem, or Rome? That created quite a stir, let me tell you!).

In short, class is never boring.

The past few weeks we have been looking at the Old Testament prophecies of the end. Amazingly enough, some of the things God said 400, 500, and 600 years before Christ’s birth are much more detailed and precise than what is revealed in the book of endings itself. Daniel, for instance is very detailed.

Which got me thinking (dangerous, I know). The basis we are using in Precepts for a lot of our detail work is the statue dream from Daniel 2. I’ll wait here while you look it up.

Got it? Good.

Nebuchadnezzar, a pagan Babylonian king who destroyed Jerusalem in three separate raids taking captive thousands of Israelites, has the dream. It is of a statue; a head of gold, a chest of silver, legs of bronze, and feet of iron mixed with clay. Each area represents a different dominant world power, and a different period of time. The majority of Daniel’s visions all relate in some way to this statue, as do John’s visions in Revelation.

God works in weird ways. I don’t understand why He would choose a pagan king that He just used to destroy His Holy City to have such an important dream, but He did. He really can use anyone for any purpose, and this just amazes me to no end.

As we continue studying, we don’t have all the answers right now and it can be frustrating. However, if God would reveal mysteries through Nebuchadnezzar, then I am sure that He will reveal His truth to me. I just have to be patient and keep searching the Scripture. Now, about all these beasts….


2 responses to “It’s the end of the world as we know it…. and I’m not feeling so fine.

  1. Annie says:

    It’s Jerusalem!

    Love you!

    • Yes, I had issues with the Rome idea. Always thought that it was Babylon, but it makes sense that it’s not. That’s another good reason to go with Precepts to Israel; the tour guide of the spring trip our Fearless Leader spoke of is the Rome fan. Oh well!
      Love ya too!

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