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Where Everybody Knows Your…Drink?

on 14 November 2009

I love Starbucks. I think that I’ve made that clear by now, but it’s worth reiterating. I love Starbucks. I loved being a customer, and now I love being on the other side of the counter. It’s a job that really doesn’t get boring- if there’s not customer drama, then there’s partner drama. Sometimes there’s both.

Each drink is like an adventure. Will the customer order the drink according to standard? Will they mix it up? If so, how? Will you have to walk them through the options? Will they walk you through 15 modifiers? Whatever they want, however they say it- each drink is an adventure.

Even so, it’s sometimes nice to look up, see a familiar face, and know instinctively what that regular customer is going to want. Some of our regulars order the same drink season after season, so it’s fun to tease them about mixing things up and ordering something completely contrary to their norm. The look on their face when you try to do that is fun as well! Some customers change according to the weather, or the seasons, or the time of day. Then it’s fun to make a guess at which drink they want and see how close you are.

We take our regulars seriously. When we don’t see one for a while, we worry. We ask each other “have you seen______?”. When they return, we welcome them back enthusiastically. The regulars who are kind, courteous, gracious, and funny- they make the job worthwhile. Thanks guys!


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