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Raining Sideways

on 12 November 2009

The big news of the day is…it’s raining! Ah yes, though our little area of the country thought that it had been spared by the hurricane fairies, they decided that they just couldn’t go a season without stopping by. Add a bit (translation: a LOT) of north easterly wind, and you have yourself one wet, windy, miserable day.

You also have a day where university is cancelled. Yippee! I wasn’t looking forward to trekking across campus in this whirlwind of water and dying leaves.

You also have a day where girl’s night is cancelled. This…is disappointing. We were going to hang out and be all English-geeky and play word games. It, apparently, will have to wait. *sigh*

I also cannot have my Starbucks espresso. This is inexcusable.

I must say though, that looking out at this horrible weather has made me appreciate what benefits I have. I have a roof over my head, and a nice comfy bed on which to study (on-line classes don’t get cancelled for inclement weather, even if your internet keeps cutting out). I have this little laptop to write my papers, and being an English major, I have many books to read should the power *touch wood* go out.

I have my family safe at home, and we plenty of food and water should this turn into a worse-case scenario (it won’t). I have my cell phone and my puppy close at hand. So yeah, I think that despite being stranded at home, I’m pretty lucky.

I tried to take some pictures of what’s going on outside, but they aren’t coming out too clearly. So, close your eyes and imagine with me…

Picture a fall day. Add dark clouds; no, more dark clouds than that. Now, picture a heavy, steady rain. Drop the temperatures down into the low 50s. Envision leaves in various stages of colour-changing dropping with the torrential rain. Make sure you imagine the rain pooling in the dirt, and bathe everything in a grayish haze. With me? Good, just one more thing.

Add wind. Lots, and lots, and lots of wind blowing- vertically. Picture the rain and leaves blowing at mach force…but sideways. Yep, that’s our weather!

I’ll try to come back later and add a picture….


So, apparently there are power outages all up and down my stretch of the coast. So, I’m taking the few precautions I can- everything is charging, batteries nearby, etc. I must say though, I’m a little unnerved that this song just popped up on my iTunes playlist. As if the storm and lighting candles weren’t creepy enough on their own…. It’s like Vincent Price meets Alfred Hitchcock. *shivers*

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