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Do Unto Others

on 1 November 2009

“Starbucks Saturday” Story:

I sat in the comfy chair and tried to recreate the scene. The scatter patterns; well, they were quite distinctive. The smear marks; ah yes, they told a story. The disarrangement of furniture; it was suggestive. In less than two minutes a hypothetical and messy scenario was recreated in my mind.

Seven humans involved: two adults, maybe three. Four to five children, one under the age of two, one under the age of four, and the others between five and ten. Three tables, seven chairs, and one unholy mess. Yes, the fast food invasion had hit my poor Starbucks’ cafe hard.

Waffle fries lay in piles on the floor. I figure that there was a medium container’s worth of bits, pieces, and whole chunks. Breading crumbs adhered to the seats of the chairs, and brownie bits stuck to the outer rims of the tables. The pièce de résistance, however, was to be found on the middle table. With the artfulness only a two year old can bring to condiments, mayonnaise was smeared liberally across the  smooth surface.

I fully understand that Starbucks is not a kid-friendly place. This is partly on purpose, as there are fewer and fewer places where adults can go and study without dodging ketchup packets and playpit balls. I understand oh so well that sometimes adults just NEED a Starbucks drink. I fully understand that sometimes these two points collide in a most inconvenient manner.

By all means grab your kids something to eat. By all means please come in and get your Starbucks fix. But pretty, pretty please, could you not decimate the cleanliness of the cafe? It is our job to keep the cafe tidy, and we are here to serve the customers. But isn’t there a little customer responsibility to not try and make the lives of others more difficult?

I think that deep down customers would be horrified if people came into their houses and left their trash scattered everywhere. Somehow though, because it is a public area it is okay to do what the customers did today. There’s a reason that Jesus commanded us to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I doubt that these people would like waffle fries on their floors, chicken bits on their chairs, brownie on their tables, and mayo everywhere else. So next time you are tempted to just walk out of a public place without tidying your space a little, remember that your house is your responsibility as well and you are responsible for the messes that others make in your home. If you don’t like cleaning up after others, then there is a good chance that others don’t like cleaning up after you.

On the other side of this coin are the customers who do take the golden rule to heart. They bring their plates and cups to us every night, they wipe off our condiment bar, they restock our bathrooms. I only hope that people treat their houses as well as they treat our store. Thanks to all you wonderful customers who go above and beyond- we love you!

And that’s my story for this week- hopefully next week will bring something more exciting!


2 responses to “Do Unto Others

  1. mum says:

    You’re welcome!

    (love you!)

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