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on 29 October 2009

Last weekend I was able to carve out an hour or two to run down to the botanical gardens. A friend of mine was working on his Eagle Project, and I wanted to snap some photos. A few minutes into my freakishly Alice-in-Wonderland shoot (many, many holes in the ground), a couple of the boys called me over to point out this little fellow:

He didn’t move at all while I watched him, just kept sitting:

And sitting:

And sitting:

I finally got bored enough to wander off and take pictures like this (which I think was his plan all along):

and this:

(I warned you about the Alice and Wonderland angle. Did you believe me? Oh no; I think not.)

Anyway, I had a nice, if all too short of time, and did get a few nice pictures. Must…go…back…soon…


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