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Starbucks Domination

on 23 October 2009

I work for Starbucks. I love my job. I love the customers. I love the crazy, insane stories I come home with on a regular basis. I also *heart* my blog readers, so I’ll share these goofy stories here sometimes. Such as what happened today (and I wasn’t even working!).

There are those who complain about the way Starbucks has taken over the coffee industry. Others, myself included, prefer to whine about the people who take over individual Starbucks:

Mum and her friend meet at my Starbucks weekly to have a chat. Today, I dropped Mum off and decided to hang out, chat with my coworkers, and do some light reading. We came in, put our stuff down, and reserved the proper amount of seating (2 chairs and a table for Mum and her friend, and 2 comfy chairs for me and my best friend). Then, as Starbucks customers are wont to do, we got in line to grab our drinks.

Then the locusts descended so to speak. Nine students of various ages poured into the moderately sized cafe, and promptly pulled all the empty tables and appropriated all empty chairs- including the ones we had reserved. In addition to this, they came equipped with their own sodas and snacks, and effectively blocked the only available outlet for laptop use. As soon as an existing customer would leave the building, their chairs were confiscated by more students who arrived in a steady stream. At any given point during the event there were 12-15 students in the group.

Please don’t mistake me- I think that Starbucks is a wonderful place to hold a study group. I mean, if you were really studying. Amongst the bazillion or so people grouped around the tables, there were no notes, no textbooks, and only two laptops (neither of which were plugged in). Rather, everyone just hung out, ate their own food, and grabbed only a few Starbucks drinks in the hours that they dominated the restaurant.

It was all just a little rude, and they treated my coworkers/friends rudely as well as annoying the other paying customers who were enjoying the previous quiet of the cafe to study and connect. Moral of the story- think before you take over a place of business. Please?

So stay tuned…more Starbucks stories to come!


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