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Open Eyes

on 22 October 2009

Today I had my once-a-year-give-or-take-two-or-three-years eye exam. I know, I know, I shouldn’t wait so long. Actually, I think eye exams are fun in a geeky “choose ‘A’ or ‘B'” kind of way. I really should go in more often; it’s great for comedic relief.

Anyway, I knew that it was time to go check out my eyes when my government professor put a pop quiz on the PowerPoint…and I couldn’t read the questions. Uh-oh. The entire class is already failing, they don’t need me guessing at the questions and bringing down the class average. That is, if the class average could be brought down any more. That’s a story for another time though.

Off to the eye doctor I went. My eyes are slowly getting worse at seeing things far away; but it is very, very slowly- thank heavens for that! The upshot is that I have new glasses on the way, and am in a two week trial period for contacts. Today I wore them for two hours- four hours tomorrow! Saturday I can drive with them! Random fact about me: I don’t blink very often. This must be remedied. :) All of this is just in time for my mid-term! Hooray?

Now is the time for my random spiritual reflection. How often do we neglect our Bible study and developing our relationship with God because spiritually we think we can “see” just fine? Why does it often take failing or nearly failing at something important before we go running to Him to get our vision adjusted? There is quite a bit of drama and pain in our lives that we can avoid just by checking in regularly with God. When our vision is messed up, God’s word always has fresh lenses for our use, free for the taking (which by the way, is very different from the hundreds of dollars we spend on our earthly vision).

Some music for your reading pleasure….click here!


One response to “Open Eyes

  1. mum says:

    You delight my heart, and bring richness to every day. I love you toooo much!

    p.s. I’m exceedingly proud of you!

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